Pakkon 2 Compartment Bento Box / Durable Plastic Lunch Container with Airtight Lid • Use For 21 Day Fix, Meal Prep and Portion Control • Lunch box For kids and adults [10 pack]


  • ✔ TOP-RATE QUALITY – here at PAKKON we take pride in searching the globe for only the finest products which meet our high standards; these marvelous plastic food containers surpass our requirements by far! Quality is something we shall never compromise on! Guaranteed.
  • ✔ SUPERB PLASTIC LID – the lid is clear so that you can see exactly what lies inside of the bento box; no more dirty, wet, melted paper bags; the lid is airtight so that anything you put inside will not leak; excellent kitchen containers for everyday use
  • ✔ PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT – replace your lunch bag with this fabulous portable storage / to go container; take it to work, school, or on outings and picnics; the bento box is a perfect healthy lunchbox for a 21 day fix; disposable food containers are a healthy lunch idea for kids and super lunch boxes for adults too
  • ✔ PRACTICAL COMPARTMENTS – the bento boxes are sold in three different styles; there’s one with 3 compartments, one with 2 compartments and one with just 1 compartment; select the one that best fits your needs; the compartments are really great for portion control containers and meal plan; also good to use for meal prep for weight loss; the compartments are what makes this container so great for use as storage boxes; store anything from food like sushi, to little screws and small toys to keep organized
  • ✔ HASSLE FREE – the food storage containers are made of safe POLYPROPYLENE, they are engineered for heat and cold resistance; thick walls can withstand up to 250f; lunch boxes are MICROWAVE SAFE so that you can just warm up your food right in them; they are also FREEZER SAFE so you can prepare meals ahead and store them in your freezer; this makes them fantastic for meal prep containers; best of all, the plastic bins are DISHWASHER SAFE so when you are done with them, all you gotta do is place them inside the dishwasher; lunchboxes are BPA FREE making them eco friendly, plastic bento lunch boxes are stackable therefore being wonderful space savers

The PAKKON containers are sectionally divided to store different foods in each compartment. The bento boxes come with an airtight plastic lid which prevents food from leaking out of the container and staining your other possessions. Its slim design makes it effortless to carry in your bag to school, work, or wherever.They are stackable so that u can easily store them. The lunch boxes are BPA free, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. They are designed with your convenience in mind! The containers arrive in a pack of 10, so even you accidentally leave behind a box, they are cheap enough to be replaced quickly