A Lesson in Pride: MM Romance Novel


“He’s the last thing I need, so why can’t I keep my eyes off him?”

Up-and-coming New York art prodigy Joshua Lucky is finding himself to be anything but. After the closeted college student has a drunken meltdown at his well-to-do family’s Christmas party (involving a few bombshell confessions and some not-so-polite uses for the angel tree topper) he suddenly finds himself disowned and cut off from the family funds.

Back in New York, Josh tries to put the hangover behind him as he prepares for a swanky art competition. Of course fate has other plans, and after crossing paths with a mysterious bad-boy named Luke, Josh begins to question everything he thought he knew about himself.

Josh can’t help but think that this unrefined biker (dreamy as he is) is the last thing his reputation needs right now. But when Luke drops a few bombshell confessions of his own and Josh is left to find out who his true friends are, the artist might just find that opposites attract.

“A Lesson in Pride” is a steamy standalone novel with HEA and no cliffhanger.