Faber Piano Adventures Level 3B Learning Library Pack Four Book Set – Lesson, Theory, Performance, and Technique & Artistry Books


  • Lesson 3B (ISBN 9781616771805)- octave, A minor and D minor scales; triad inversions; syncopation; sixteenth notes
  • Technique & Artistry 3B (ISBN 9781616772895)- “Technique Secrets,” “Artistry Magic,”; scales, triads
  • Theory 3B (ISBN 9781616771812)- reinforces theory through writing, sightreading, and ear-training activities
  • Performance 3B (ISBN 9781616771829)- collection of pieces which reinforce concepts introduced in this level

This innovative and exciting method series combines the strengths of intervallic reading, multi-key, and Middle C approaches; offers a wide variety of sounds and styles with many optional teacher duets; and entertains and delights students with beautiful color illustrations and a carefully conceived layout. The Level 3B Lesson book (HL.420220) continues to build musicianship with challenging and motivating pieces. Concepts include the octave, A minor and D minor scales (natural and harmonic minor), motive and sequence, all 12 major and minor triads, triad inversions, syncopation, and introduction to sixteenth notes. Contents include: Andante • Drummer at the Keyboard • Fiesta Espana • Gavotte • Highland Jig • House of the Rising Sun • Humoresque • Snowfall • Minuet in F • Pachelbel Canon • Phantom of the Keys • Rage Over a Lost Penny • Sea Chantey • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot • and more. The integration of technique and artistry in the Level 3B Technique & Artistry book (HL.420240) gives students the tools of expressive performance. Students will build a technical foundation with the purpose of artistic playing through the use of “Technique Secrets,” “Artistry Magic” pages, and an appendix of scales and triads. Designed to be used in conjunction with the other books in 3B, the Level 3B Theory book (HL.420221) reinforces theory concepts through writing, sightreading, and ear-training activities. The collection of pieces in the Level 3B Performance book (HL.420222) reinforce the concepts and skills introduced in Level 3B and offer appealing repertoire for a smooth transition to the intermediate level. Contents include: Glad Cat Rag • Fascination • Minuet in G • The Tempest • Hava Nagila • Legend of Madrid • Funeral March of a Marionette • All Through the Night • The Piano Playin’ Chocolate Eater’s Blues • The Return • Piano Concerto No. 1 (Theme from) • and more.